Locals engage in a remarkable practice on Holi in Raisen

Bhopal: Across the nation, Holi brings forth immense excitement. However, amidst the vibrant festivities, there exist age-old customs deeply ingrained in various regions.

One such intriguing tradition unfolds in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, where locals engage in the remarkable practice of walking on embers with remarkable ease. Delve into the intricacies of this tradition and its profound significance.

In the villages of Silwani and Begumganj in Raisen district, Holi assumes a distinctive flair. For 15 years, the village of Chandrapura has upheld this tradition, while the legacy of walking on embers continues for five centuries in Mahagama. Likewise, in Semra village of Begumganj, villagers have traversed the burning embers of Holi for 150 years.

Holi embodies a tapestry of beliefs and customs, celebrated with fervor across diverse regions. While some partake in floral Holi festivities, others engage in playful stick-wielding exchanges. Yet, the spectacle of individuals traversing burning embers during Holi remains a rarity, particularly in the Silwani tehsil.

People’s belief

Call it superstition or faith, people believe that because of walking on embers the villagers stay away from disasters and diseases.

In Silwani and Begumganj, due to faith and devotion, villagers walk barefoot through the burning embers. This deep-rooted belief transcends age and gender, as children, women, and the elderly alike partake in this ritual, underscoring the profound faith of the community.

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