CM unable to handle Home Dept: Patwari

  • Crimes have increased by 25 pc in MP, says MPCC chief

Bhopal: Congress State President Jitu Patwari has expressed his gratitude to the media for prominently conveying the vision of India Alliance to the public during the Lok Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh. While discussing with the journalists at the state Congress headquarters, Jitu Patwari said that the media conveyed the vision of the Congress-India alliance to the public. Jitu Patwari said that even after the sad results of the assembly elections, the workers contested the elections with strength.

On this occasion, regarding the deteriorating law and order situation in MP, Jitu Patwari said that I have written 5 letters to CM Mohan. The Home Department is not being handled by him. Therefore, he should give the Home Department to someone else. Bulldozer not being used against the private school operator in Bhopal because he is an ally of BJP. During the press conference, Jitu Patwari called Chief Minister Mohan Yadav a sycophant. Jitu said that CM Mohan Yadav flatters PM Modi.

On the basis of NCRB data, he said that crimes have increased by 25 percent in MP. Illegal extortion and crimes against women are continuously increasing. Ever since Mohan Yadav took over as CM, his relatives have been issuing threats across the state. He said that this is a government of brokers. Brokers are active in every government department. Soon we will release the list of brokers. We will release the names of all the brokers in which department.

BJP has realized it can’t win 29 seats: Jitu

Meanwhile, Jitu Patwari, while targeting MP BJP’s 29-paar resolution, said that in the last phase, BJP did not even stake a claim. The 29 seats it was earlier claiming to win but later the party realized the reality. PM Narendra Modi spoke a lot of false things during the elections. Regarding Congress’s Nyaya Patra, he alleged that Congress will snatch the Mangalsutra, which was criticized all over the world. Lies and Modi go hand in hand.

Jitu Patwari said that Modi only does politics of hatred and division. No BJP leader mentioned Cong’s vision document. Chief Minister Mohan Yadav insulted the tribals, and former Chief Minister Shivraj lied in Bengal. Shivraj said that women are getting Rs 3,000 in MP which is a lie. Modi’s guarantees are like guarantees of Chinese goods. Jitu Patwari claimed that the result of Lok Sabha will be surprising, it will not be surprising if MP Congress gets double digit seats.

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