Seven-time MLA Devda will become Deputy CM

Jagdish Devda is big name of state as a Dalit face

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
In the meeting of BJP MLAs, along with the name of the new Chief Minister, the responsibilities of other people have also been decided. Along with the name of Dr. Mohan Yadav being finalized as the Chief Minister, Jagdish Devda has been given the responsibility of the new Deputy Chief Minister of the state.

Jagdish Devda is a resident of Rampura in Neemuch district. He was born on July 1, 1957 in Rampura of Neemuch district. His father’s name is Gendalal Devda. Jagdish Devda’s wife’s name is Renu Deora, from whom he has two sons. Devda has obtained MA and LLB degrees. Devda is MLA from Malhargarh assembly seat. Devda has reached the assembly after winning for the seventh consecutive time.

He fulfilled his responsibility in politics very well – Jagdish Deora, as a Dalit face, has been made the Deputy Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Jagdish Deora was currently holding the charge of Finance Minister in Shivraj government. Be it the Shivraj government or Uma Bharti government in 2003, Devda has fulfilled his responsibilities well. He has handled big ministries like Transport, Home, Labour, Jail. Apart from this, Devda has also held the charge of Finance Minister. This time Jagdish Devda has won the election by 59024 votes. He has defeated independent MLA Shyamlal Jokchand. Jagdish Devda is known for his calm nature at the age of 66. Also, if seen from a political point of view, he is counted among the powerful leaders of Madhya Pradesh BJP.

Devda’s career has been spotless so far. It can be said that he has had nothing to do with controversies.

Brief development sequence of public and political life

District President, General Secretary of BJP District Mandsaur and State Representative and District Convener and State President of Bharatiya Janata Morcha Scheduled Castes, Member of National Working Committee, Member of Ninth Assembly in 1990 and Member of Tenth Assembly in 1993, elected Atal Committee and SC, ST. He was a member of Backward Classes Welfare Committee, elected member of 12th Legislative Assembly in 2003 and Minister of State, Home, School Education, and Energy, later Minister of Public Health Engineering and Labor Tribal and Scheduled Caste Welfare Board (only Scheduled Caste Welfare). Elected member of 13th Legislative Assembly in 2008 and Minister of Transport, Jai Yojana, Economics and Statistics and Planet. Elected member of 14th Legislative Assembly in 2013. Elected assembly member for the sixth time in 2018 from 24 March 2020 to 2 July 2020. Oath of the post of minister in the assembly on 2 July 2020.


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