Reconstitution of Disciplinary Committee of State Congress

Ashok Singh made the chairman of disciplinary committee

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
As per the instructions of Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath, the disciplinary committee of the State Congress has been reconstituted under the chairmanship of State Congress Committee Vice President Ashok Singh.

State Congress Vice President Ashok Singh has been made the chairman. Apart from this, former minister Sajjan Singh Verma, former minister PC Sharma, former minister Harsh Yadav, former minister Saeed Ahmed, former MP Gajendra Singh Rajukhedi, former MLA Neha Singh and former MLA Pratap Lodhi have been made members.

More than 40 cells could not perform well – It is noteworthy that more than 40 cells of Madhya Pradesh Congress and more than 500 posts distributed could not perform well in the assembly elections. Before the assembly elections, Congress had started a series of new cells. Congress has deviated from its party constitution and formed more than 40 cells. Not only this, bulk appointments were also made on posts like President, Convener and Executive President. But all these cells could not show any special performance in the elections. Before the elections, Congress had appointed more than 500 officials like secretaries, general presidents and vice presidents, but they also proved to be completely ineffective in the elections.

They were formed

Congress had taken the help of cells to reach out to every section. For this, the party had formed cells ranging from priests to mechanics. Along with this, many other cells like Outsource, Teacher, Hair stylist, Doctor, Freedom Fighter, Sadbhavna Komi Unity and Transport were also formed. Conferences of different cells and departments were also held continuously in the Congress office. State President Kamal Nath himself used to address them.

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