People forced to protest on streets demanding creation of Bina district

Santosh Jha,

Bina/ Bhopal, For almost 43 years, there has been a continuous demand to make Bina a district, but till now, five Chief Ministers, including many leaders, have come to Bina and made promises to make Bina a district. But no one has kept their promise.

However, the tireless efforts of the BJP MLA from Maihar in making Bina a district are also being considered. What it means is that Maihar became a district in one day. In 43 years, many such towns and cities were given the shape of a district, but Bina was not made a district. The demand to create Bina district remained stuck in a political dilemma. Now, even the people of the Bina area have started feeling that the demand of creating Bina district is stuck in a political dilemma. That’s why the public seems to be angry.

Due to the election buzz, once again the demand of creating Bina district by the agitated people of Bina is gaining momentum. Probably not going to stop now. And there is a possibility of a big movement. The way the agitated people of Bina are coming out on the streets. It is understood that there will be a big movement in the coming time.

Something or the other is going on by political organizations, non-political organizations, social workers and the people of Bina. It seems that the people of Bina have decided that this time they will make Bina a district before the elections. Now a round of daily demonstrations and movements has started in the city regarding the demands of the district. In this series, an attempt was made by Aam Aadmi Party workers to burn the effigy of the Chief Minister. Recently, Gandhi Tiraha of the city was echoing with slogans like Shivraj Singh, keep your promise, make Bina a district by Aam Aadmi Party workers. An attempt was made by the workers to burn the effigy of the Chief Minister.

However, the efforts of the police and activists failed due to the efforts of the workers. Police closed their eyes to those demanding creation of Bina district. Shortly before, on the day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival at the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Petrochemical Hub of Bina Refinery, those demanding creation of the district were detained. Many people were blinded by the police for security reasons. They were released after the Prime Minister left. Recently, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami along with BJP ministers and leaders were present in the public meeting of BJP’s Jan Ashirwad Yatra in Bina.

Whereas in the campaign by BJP it was told that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will address the public meeting in Bina. But the Chief Minister went back after addressing the public meeting in Khurai. Due to not coming to Bina, people are discussing that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan did not come to Bina because he did not make Bina a district.

With the formation of Bina district, the regional people of Bina will be saved from inconveniences along with saving money and time.


In fact, the leaders here have made the demand without a district a political issue, whereas in reality it is an issue of social interest.
–       Satyajit Singh Thakur
Farmer, Bina

= The reason for not making Bina a district is the incompetence of the political leadership here. Formation of the district will not only bring development in the area, opening of the labor office will also provide facilities to the laborers; new sources of employment will be provided to the youth and there will be growth in the medical sector.
–       Ramkishan Ahirwar
(Leader Congress Party) Bina

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