Number of tigers increased three times in Sanjay Tiger Reserve

  • Permanent presence of 20 tigers confirmed in five year census
  • 4 Tigers keep coming and going from outside forests

Chronicle Reporter, Sidhi
The number of tigers in Sanjay Tiger Reserve Sidhi has increased more than three times. In the five-year census conducted in the year 2018, the presence of 6 tigers was confirmed. Now, in the report of 2023, the number of tigers has increased to 20. While 16 tigers have been confirmed inside the reserve area, 4 tigers keep moving in and out of the reserve and the forests outside. However, tigers living with their cubs and mother are not included in the census.

The people of the department are seen very happy with the presence of a large number of tigers. Special attention is also being given to the safety of tigers in Sanjay Tiger Reserve. A total of 70 patrolling camps have been built in the Tiger Reserve area which are equipped with solar lights. Apart from beat guards, patrolling committees have been formed in all the beats of the core area, which patrol 15-20 per square kilometer area every day. Along with this, there are three drone cameras to monitor tigers, one of which is a night vision drone camera.

There are also four trained elephants in the Tiger Reserve area with which patrolling is done. The first tiger in Sanjay Tiger Reserve was captured in camera trap in the year 2013. This tiger, which was named SD 001. It was captured in a camera trap while walking in Goindwar Beat with its two cubs. Major wild animals in Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve are tiger, leopard, bear, chital, sambar, bhedki, chausingha, chinkara etc.

The area of Sanjay Tiger Reserve is core area 812.581 square kilometers, buffer area 861.930 square kilometers, total area is 1674.511 square kilometers. A large area in this is connected through the forest corridor of Surguja, Chhattisgarh.

If there had been no death, the number could have increased

In the last two years, five tigers have died due to various reasons in the Tiger Reserve area, which includes three adult tigresses and two cubs. Let us tell you that on November 5, 2021, tigress T-30 died due to electric current spread by poachers. T-18 Tigress died due to collision with a train on 17 March 2022. One of the four cubs of T-18, a male cub, was hunted by a tiger on March 25. A cub had gone missing there. This year too, tigress T-32 has died due to electric current spread by poachers. If this death had not happened, the number of tigers would have increased.


The number of tigers in Sanjay Tiger Reserve has increased 3 times. In the census conducted in the year 2018, their number was 6. This time it is 20.
–       Amit Kumar Dubey,
–       CCF Sanjay Tiger Reserve

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