Capital Blood Centers will be built across the country: Dr. Krishna Kumar

  • Blood transfusion meeting of 18 states being held in BMHRC, initiative to save blood
  • Blood Transfusion Services of Union Health Ministry
  • Testing will be done in a state-of-the-art manner

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Capital blood centers will be opened across the country to improve blood transfusion services. These blood centers will ensure the quality of blood being transfused to the patients. They will also ensure that the blood is completely safe.

Dr. Krishna Kumar, Head of Blood Transfusion Services in the Union Health Ministry, who came to BMHRC to attend the national review meeting of blood transfusion services of 18 states, gave this information. Dr. Krishna Kumar said that at present a large number of blood banks have opened across the country. In many of these blood banks, the quality and safety of blood is not taken care of, due to which infected blood is often transfused to the patients. It has been decided to open Capital Blood Center to curb such blood banks and provide safe and quality blood to every person. Under this, there will be one or a few capital blood centers in every district. All other blood banks present in the district will be made collection centres. These centers will collect blood and send it to the nearest Capital Blood Centre.

This blood will be tested in a state-of-the-art manner at the Capital Blood Centre. After passing all the testing, it will be sent back to the blood collection center, where it will be available to the needy.

Old buses used for blood donation camp

Dr. Kumar said that the buses used for blood donation camps present in blood banks across the country have become old. New buses are being purchased for them. Besides, a decision has also been taken to increase the salary of employees associated with blood transfusion therapy in the states. He said that the blood bank of BMHRC is one of the best blood banks in the country. BMHRC is doing very good work in the matter of blood transfusion therapy.

BMHRC Director Dr. Manisha Srivastava said that BMHRC has always been a leader in the matter of blood related services. Our blood bank has been providing blood components to patients for many years. Since 2006, BMHRC has organized 175 training camps to impart training to blood bank officers, nurses and paramedical staff on the functioning of blood banks, in which 2990 people have been trained. She said that whatever responsibility will be assigned to us by the Central Government in the field of blood transfusion medicine. We will handle it well.

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