Four vehicle lifters nabbed, 16 bikes recovered

Bhopal: Station Bajaria and Piplani police station have arrested 4 vehicle thieves including a minor and recovered 16 bikes worth Rs 10 lakh from their possession. These thieves are so clever that they can steal motorcycles or scooters in the blink of an eye.

According to Station Bajaria police station, complainant Nadeem Khan is a resident of Garam Gadda area. He told the police that he had left his work after parking his motorcycle near the cemetery at around 10:30 pm. As he returned, he saw an unknown person trying to break the lock of the car. As soon as Nadeem tried to run and catch the thief, he broke the lock of the car and ran away with the bike. After this, the police laid a trap in search of the accused and started the search with the help of CCTV surveillance.

After this, the police caught a youth named Kailash Kushwaha and interrogated him. Kailash told the police that along with a friend named Aamir Khan, he used to steal vehicles from different areas of the city and sell them in the surrounding areas.

Both of them confessed to the police that they got into the world of vehicle theft to fulfill their expensive hobbies. Police have recovered 6 bikes worth more than Rs 3 lakh from them. Accused Kailash Kushwaha is a resident of Vidisha, while Aamir is a resident of Bhopal. Apart from Bhopal, both of them have also stolen vehicles from Vidisha.

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