Ratibad police arrest illegal liquor smuggler

A total of 63 liters of country liquor worth approximately Rs 24500/- recovered

Bhopal : As a result of the campaign launched for the past few days against illegal liquor sale under the guidance of senior officers, Ratibad police station has achieved significant success.

During a field visit on 13.04.2024, information was received by a confidential informer that a person was selling illegal liquor by keeping liquor boxes in a pit in the field near the Shooting Academy. The informer informed senior officials about the information and received After receiving verbal order to verify the information, Hamrah staff Uni Sanjay Verma, PR 496 Ravindra Pal, PR 2902 Mahesh Dangi, R 2090 Ravi Pal and summoned witnesses Sumer Singh Rajput and Rajdev Dubey were summoned from village Gaure village along with summoned witnesses and staff. When we reached the place told by the informer, we saw that a person had two sacks kept in the field, who suddenly started running after seeing the police, who was surrounded and caught and asked for his name. He said his name was Vijay Didoria, father Mukesh Didoria, age 24 years, N. Goure village. M.No. 101 Vastu Vihar Colony, Ratibad, Bhopal, near the water tank, inquired about the sacks kept with him, who on inquiry told that in the said sacks, there were 07 boxes of country Mandira liquor plane, which was given to the laborers working in the shooting academy. He has collected the liquor in small amounts to sell it and sells it to him secretly.

Vijay Didoria was asked about the license regarding the possession of illegal liquor, he denied having the license and could not produce valid documents. The accused was found possessing liquor/liquor for the purpose of selling liquor illegally. The act of the accused here was under section 34(2) Due to the discovery of excise duty, a total of 350 quarters of country plain Mandira was recovered from the accused in front of the witnesses, on which Vidhyanchal Distilleries Private Limited, each containing 180 ml, a total of 63 liters of liquor, each quarter was priced at Rs. 70/-, the total value was about Rs. 24500/- According to the possession of the accused, the police took possession after duly seizing the seizure sheet and after arresting the accused as per the warrant, the accused was duly arrested and after investigation, Case No. 145/2024 under section 34(2) of the Excise Act was instituted against the accused.

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