Competition between 74 in the fourth phase

  • 16 candidates withdraw their nomination

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
There will be a contest between 74 candidates in 8 parliamentary constituencies in the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections in the state. Monday was the last date for withdrawal of nominations in these parliamentary constituencies; a total of 16 candidates withdrew their nominations on Monday.

Maximum 9 candidates withdrew their names in Indore, here even after the withdrawal of names of 9 candidates, there will be a maximum contest between 14 candidates in the parliamentary constituencies of the second phase, whereas in Khargone there will be a contest between only 5 candidates. The biggest thing is that Congress candidate from Indore parliamentary constituency, Akshay Kanti Bam has also withdrawn his name, due to which there has been a huge upheaval in the politics of Congress. 8 candidates in Lok Sabha Parliamentary Dewas, 9 in Ujjain, 8 in Mandsaur, 12 in Ratlam, 7 in Dhar, 14 in Indore, 5 in Khargone and 11 candidates in Lok Sabha Parliamentary Khandwa are finally left in the fray. According to CEO Anupam Rajan, on April 29, 1 candidate in Lok Sabha parliamentary constituency Dewas, 1 in Ratlam, 1 in Dhar, 9 in Indore, 1 in Khargone and 3 in Khandwa withdrew their nomination papers.

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