Various materials worth over Rs 257 crore seized

Bhopal: Chief Electoral Officer Anupam Rajan has said that after the Model Code of Conduct for Lok Sabha Elections-2024 came into effect, constant monitoring is being conducted by the police and other enforcement agencies. He said that from March 16 to April 28, various materials worth Rs. 257 crore 95 lakh including cash amount of Rs 21 crore 15 lakh were seized.

Shri Rajan has said that till April 28, more than 25 lakh 56 thousand litres of liquor has been seized, whose value is Rs 37 crore 65 lakh. Similarly, more than 17 thousand 127 kg of drugs worth Rs 23 crore 6 thousand and more than 2 thousand 328 kg of precious metals worth Rs 14 crore 11 lakh have also been seized. Besides, other materials worth Rs 161 crore 98 lakh have also been seized.

Major action taken so far

• On March 23, a truck containing 8856 liters of liquor was seized in Shajapur district. Out of this, the price of liquor is Rs 96 lakh and the price of the truck is Rs 20 lakh. Thus, Rs 1 crore 16 lakh was seized.

• 7.7 kg of brown sugar was seized in Indore district on March 29, whose value is Rs 7 crore 70 lakh.

• On March 30, a truck was seized along with 11 thousand 448 liters of illicit liquor in Alirajpur district, the liquor is valued at Rs 69 lakh 46 thousand and the value of the truck is Rs 36 lakh. Thus, a total amount of Rs 1 crore 5 thousand was seized.

• On April 17, 1 lakh 31 thousand 653 sacks containing various types of materials like menthol etc. which were kept without accounting in a cold storage (Kamala Cold Storage) in Gwalior district were seized by CGST. Their value is Rs 106 crore 83 lakh.

• During checking on Nayakheda Highway Road in Mandsaur district on April 22, cash worth Rs 1 crore 3 thousand and 4 kg silver was seized from a four wheeler. In this, the price of silver is Rs 3 lakh 2 thousand and the value of the vehicle is Rs 10 lakh. A total of Rs 1 crore 16 lakh was seized.

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