Bhopal Police arrest 724 criminals in 6 hours of combing patrol ops

  • To ensure peaceful, fearless and fair conduct of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Bhopal Police arrested 724 miscreants in a 6-hour combing patrol
  • During combing patrolling, a total of 724 absconding criminals including 431 permanent and 226 arrest warrants, 67 bailable warrants were arrested
  • Absconding criminals arrested during combing patrolling by more than 800 officers/employees of all four zones
  • So far, a total of 7738 criminals have been arrested in 14 combing patrols in Bhopal Commissionerate

Bhopal: In order to conduct the upcoming Lok Sabha elections peacefully, fairly and fearlessly, under the guidance of Police Commissioner Harinarayanachari Mishra and Additional Police Commissioner Awadhesh Goswami, on 29-30 April, the force of all the police stations, the force of the Reserve Center, in the Commissioner’s office premises were briefed to work together and nab the criminals in a sensitive and discreet manner. They were sent to the areas in teams, after which, under the guidance of the Deputy Commissioner of Police and Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police of all the zones, the station in-charge and his team remained alert throughout the night; the accused were subsequently arrested. Senior officers kept patrolling and providing guidance throughout the night.

Patrolling started at 11:00 pm and continued till around 5 am. In just 6 hours of patrolling, action was taken against a total of 724 miscreants including 431 with permanent warrants, 226 arrest warrants, 67 bailable warrants. Besides, goons, scoundrels and history-sheeters were checked and action was also taken under the Excise Act.

Zone wise action –
Zone-1 Permanent-144 Arrested-62, Bailable 7 Total-213
Zone-2 Permanent-70, Arrest-22, Bailable 35, Total-127
Zone-3 permanent-127, arrest-93, bailable 8 total-226
Zone-4 Permanent-90 Arrested-49, Bailable 17 Total-156

The said campaign will definitely increase the fear of police and law among criminals. Besides, the elections will also be conducted peacefully and fairly. Permanent/arrest warrantees were arrested in all the police stations of the city. With the serving of the warrant, the cases will be resolved and the victims will be able to get justice. Among the warrants served, there are many serious and economic-related crimes including murder, rape, robbery, check bounce and fraud.

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