Audience left enthralled with evergreen songs

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

Sur Shankara Musical Group, registered under the Madhya Pradesh Government, is providing a free platform to the talent of emerging singers and due to these principles, this group has made its name in the music industry of the state by completing its 117th successful musical presentation on 24th September. Chairman/Manager Eng. Pratik Garg and inspiration/singer Niharika Garg told that with the aim of giving the message to the imprisoned brothers and sisters through entertainment to stay away from depression and the world of crime, several Musical programs have been organised in Sehore, Raisen, Narsinghgarh, Ganjbasoda, Indore, Ujjain and Rajgarh jails.

Presentation given in jail

In this musical event held in the jail, Jail Superintendent Himani Manvare Singh sung, Bada Natkhat hey Krishna Kanhaiya, Deputy Jail Superintendent Anil Dubey sung Om Shanti Om, Singers of the group, including Ray Baturiya, sang about two dozen solo songs. Prisoners also sang several songs in this event.

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