High workload: Deception with teachers

  • Name in lecturer list even after becoming high school principal
  • Taking over process has not been completed yet
  • Process started in January 2023

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The process of higher post charge is underway in the School Education Department. This process started in January 2023. Due to delays by the department from time to time, the dates kept getting postponed.

But till date, the department has not been able to complete the taking over process completely. Secondary Head Master and Higher Division Teacher were given the higher post of Lecturer, but after some time, the Headmaster was given the post of Principal, High School, whose number was around 755. Even after handing over the charge of High School Principal, the name of the Head Master is still included in the lecturer list, which has not been removed yet. About 18687 senior teachers of all subjects and headmasters jointly were to be given charge of the post of lecturer, out of which only 3460 have been given this charge so far.

Retiring without promotion

Acting State President of Madhya Pradesh Teachers Congress, Satish Sharma has said that assistant teachers who have been working on the same post for 30-40 years are retiring without promotion. No one pays any attention to them. Whereas the building of the education department stands only on the dedication, hard work and dedication of the assistant teacher.

Sharma said that there is extreme anger among the teachers after seeing these activities of the department. Madhya Pradesh Teachers Congress’s Rajesh Singh Sengar, Ashok Pratap Singh, Kishan Rajak Rajmal Sarah Mukesh Namdev Anil Namdev Alok Parmar Hemant Rai Salma Shah Rajesh Pandey Sunil Mishra Mahendra Pandey Kaushal Sharma Rajesh Jain Daulat Pawar Girish Dahayat Gujarati Rajendra Sharma Anita Saraswat Daljit Kaur Shakuntala Tomar Dharmendra Parmar Dwivedi Gwalior, DD Power, Komal Singh Chauhan, Balu Singh Chauhan etc. all unanimously said that till the regular cadre does not get higher post charge, Teachers Congress will not sit peacefully and will protest continuously.

Only 670 teachers got charge in nine months

1870 teachers were to be given charge in the main subject Mathematics, but after 9 months only 670 teachers have got this charge. The situation of other subjects is also similar. The posts of lecturer are vacant but the concerned authorities do not want to fill these posts. The concerned officers have special interest in issuing individual orders.

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