“Women’s Health – A Holistic Approach” program held at BMHRC

  • If you remain dedicated to service like Mother Teresa, you can go far – Dr. Manisha Srivastava

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Under the annual women’s health program “Women’s Health – A Holistic Approach” at Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre, Bhopal, competitions of “Maa Ka Aanchal”, salad making and health enhancing drinks were organized in the auditorium on Tuesday.

On this occasion, Director-in-charge, Dr. Manisha Srivastava said in her address that mother has great importance in the lives of all of us. We all are born from mother’s womb, we have reached here taking inspiration from her. The most important thing in women’s health is to stay healthy. Mother Teresa took care of the patients with great service and love like a mother. If everyone remains dedicated to service like her, then we can go far ahead. In childhood, everyone has taken shelter in the lap of their mother. That zenith was not just a zenith but was also a safe haven, behind which people could hide without any worries. The special feature of the “Maa Ka Aanchal” competition was that the participants had to wear the dress worn by their mother. On stage, all the participants shared the lessons, teachings and experiences given by their mothers. On this occasion, competitions in salad making and soft drink making were organised.

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