Hefty tax hike likely after LS polls

Bhopal: After the Lok Sabha Elections-2024, the people of Madhya Pradesh are likely to get a big shock in the form of hefty tax hike. Actually, Madhya Pradesh government has decided to increase taxes in all urban body areas as soon as the Lok Sabha elections are over.

Now people will have to pay more taxes to the concerned bodies for property tax, drinking water, sewage and sanitation facilities. For this, after June 4, a proposal will be made to increase taxes in all urban bodies.

In fact, the Central Government has also given clear instructions to the State Governments that they will have to make their urban bodies self-reliant, hence they should no longer depend on central grants. For this reason, urban bodies are going to increase taxes after the Lok Sabha elections.

Indore has already hiked property tax

It has also started. Indore has increased the property tax by bringing a proposal yesterday. Here property tax has been increased from 12 to 61 percent. Regarding this, Congress councilors in Indore have lodged a strong protest and have even warned of mass agitation. After Indore, this tax increase in the remaining urban bodies will be done after the Lok Sabha elections.

Property tax will be determined on the basis of increase in collector guidelines in the last two years. The increase in charges for water, sewage and waste management will be in proportion to the expenditure incurred on them.

Four years ago, the Union Urban Development Ministry had given instructions to all the states including Madhya Pradesh that 100 percent of the expenditure on cleanliness, water and sewage should be recovered from the citizens. After this, the Madhya Pradesh government had made a three-year slab and given it to the urban bodies, but later it was not implemented and till now it was pending.

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