Will lotus bloom again in Bina or will ‘Panja’ work wonders?

  • There are many contenders in BJP-Congress in Legislative Assembly
  • Pending since 1980 the demand to make district as it was

Santosh Jha, Bina
Madhya Pradesh assembly elections are going to be held at the end of the year 2023. Political equations have started forming regarding this election. Along with being active in their respective areas, the leaders have started working to woo the voters. There is going to be a tough fight between the two parties — BJP and Congress — in the Bina assembly constituency of Sagar district.

Although there are many candidates of BJP-Congress in Bina assembly constituency, prominent among them is Dr. Vinod Panthi, who contested from BJP in the 2008 Assembly Elections this time. He defeated Congress candidate Dr. Omprakash Kathoria by 6700 votes. This time again his name is coming out among the possible contenders from BJP. In the 2013 assembly elections, BJP’s Mahesh Rai won with a huge margin. On the other hand, Nirmala Sapre, who was a candidate from Congress in the 2013 elections, was defeated by 18600 votes from BJP.

After winning the election, Mahesh Rai once again put the seat in the hands of the BJP. In the 2018 elections, Congress candidate Shashi Kathoria entered the election field with public confidence and full power, but again BJP candidate Mahesh Rai won by 532 votes and showed that BJP will remain in Bina assembly. Presently Shashi Kathoria has gone to BJP with Scindia Group. Although there is a long list of contenders for the BJP and Congress in the 2023 elections, among the main contenders, Nirmala Sapre from the Congress, who along with being an active Congress leader, plays an important role in every movement and public cooperation.

Apart from being a teacher, Ashok Parihar, a potential candidate of Congress, is also an enlightened social worker. Recently, by resigning from the post of teacher, he has resolved to do public service. Mamta Ahirwar, who is contesting from the Congress, is a leader with a stronghold in the society as well as being of a simple nature. Congress has been working for the party for almost two decades as a worker. On the other hand, former MLA Dr. Vinod Panthi, who has made up his mind to contest re-election from BJP, had a good tenure. Many schemes run by the government played a leading role in the development of the area. But did not succeed in making Bina a district. The demand for making Bina a district has been continuously raised by the public since 1980. Many movements also took place. On the one hand, where many towns/cities were made districts, but Bina was ignored. While the government gets maximum revenue from Bina. The geographical location of Bina is suitable for becoming a district. Being a big railway junction in traffic, Bina also has a big name in the industrial sector, such as Bharat Oman Refinery, JP Power Plant and NTPC is also established. But despite this, no meaningful concrete initiative was taken by the people’s representatives. Mahesh Rai is preparing for the assembly elections for the third time from BJP. For the first time from BJP, Mahesh Rai was elected MLA of Bina Vidhansabha by giving immense support. Mahesh Rai gave speed to the development works. As a result, for the second time also, the public elected Mahesh Rai as an MLA and sent him to the assembly. The people of Bina, surrounded by railway lines from all sides, had to face a lot of problems. Due to the closure of railway gates, people had to face a lot of problems and due to big industries and small and big vehicles, the traffic situation is getting worse day by day. The present MLA has got the fly over bridges passed on all four sides with his own efforts and the work of the fly over bridge is in progress. However, MLA Mahesh Rai always said through forums about becoming Bina district that in every situation it has the ability to become Bina district. Bina district will be formed no matter how much time it takes. On the other hand, Kamlesh Rai, a hardworking worker of BJP born in Veer Savarkar ward Bina, is making a strong claim from BJP. Seeing his style of work, the people of Khurai elected him as the chairman of the municipality. Kamlesh Rai was the president of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad in his student life and got involved in public service. With his excellent working style, he won the election for the post of the Chairman of Municipality Khurai. Presently he has come back and is living in Bina.

Major and important issues of Bina Vidhansabha
–        Making of Bina a District
–        100 bedded hospital at Bina
–       Construction of ring road in the cities
–        Providing employment to local unemployed
–       Establishment of an engineering college for technical education.

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