What will be the result of closed room conversations?

  • Former Deputy CM of Bihar camped in Parasia
  • Efforts to persuade angry leaders, former MLA distances himself

Bharat Rai, Chhindwara
How will the one-hour secret conversation held behind closed doors with former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi, who was visiting the district, make a difference in the politics of Parasia? From the discussions going on in political circles and on social media, it is believed that there will be some big upheaval in the politics of Parasia in the coming days, the background of which is being prepared.

It may be noted that former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi reached Parasia on Sunday. In Parasia, after meeting the BJP workers, he spent about an hour at the residence of former MLA Tarachand Bavariya and discussed with the former MLA and youth leader Saurabh Bavariya in a closed room and took information about the political activity in the district. Although there is no clear information about the issue discussed in the closed room, it is believed that something new will happen in the politics of Koyachal in the coming days. It is noteworthy that Jyoti Dehariya has been fielded by the Central High Command as a woman candidate from BJP in Parasia Assembly. Due to which there has been a lot of stir in social media as well as street politics in the last few days. On social media, BJP workers are engaged in politics of sarcasm by accusing each other. Due to which, it has started to be believed that the group of workers who came out openly in the Amarwada assembly of the district on Sunday, is creating a murmur within Parasia somewhere. After the BJP leadership became aware of this, efforts were made to create a balance.

Everything is not going well within the party in the Parasia Assembly. The party candidate may have to bear the brunt of BJP’s involvement in factionalism in the upcoming assembly elections. The working style of the alleged workers of Jyoti group has started stinging the workers of Tara group. Now it remains to be seen whether BJP’s candidate in the assembly, Jyoti Satish Dehariya, will be able to make coordination with the workers and bring victory to the party in the assembly.

Former MLA sidelined, workers sitting at home

After the announcement of a BJP candidate in Parasia Assembly, the district’s strong leader and former MLA Tarachand Bavaria has neutralized himself by staying away from party programs and meetings. As soon as the party’s high command came to know about this, the process of convincing him started. It is being said that the Deputy CM, who came to Chhindwara on the special instructions of the party, met the former MLA and convinced him to work in favor of the candidate in the assembly elections. He went, but he sent him off in blunt words, saying that he would leave the Assembly and work with full responsibility in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. When the matter was discussed with him, he expressed his intention and said that since his face is not in the interest of the party, he distanced himself from the party program. He will discharge the responsibility given to him by the party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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