AAP party will spoil electoral equation of BJP-Congress in Rewa

  • Five out of eight assembly candidates declared
  • Kejriwal visited Vindhya twice

Dr. Ravi Tiwari, Rewa
All the political parties have entered the election fray with their respective preparations for the assembly elections to be held in the state after two months. Ticket contenders of the major political parties — BJP and Congress — are active at the field level. But till now, both the parties have not announced the names of even a single candidate for Rewa. The Aam Aadmi Party has declared the names of five out of eight assembly candidates. This time, AAP party will spoil the electoral equation of both the major parties.

Aam Aadmi Party is emerging rapidly in the state, especially in Vindhya and is trying to establish itself as a third option. The National Convener of AAP Party and Chief Minister of Delhi has visited Vindhya twice and has appealed to give a chance to the AAP Party with 10 guarantees. He has filled the workers with enthusiasm. Instead of SP and BSP, AAP is busy in elections. During this time, candidates have also been announced in five out of 8 assemblies. In the first list, the name of Mrs. Sarita Pandey was declared from Sirmaur and in the second list released on Monday, Engineer Deepak Singh from Rewa, Varun Ambedkar from Mangawan, Dilip Singh from Devtalab and Umesh Tripathi from Mauganj have been made candidates.

Three assembly constituencies are left, which include Gudh, Tyonthar and Semaria. It is believed that in these three assemblies, the AAP party can field leaders who have rebelled against Congress or BJP.

The way AAP is contesting the elections from the organization level to the field level, Congress and BJP will suffer direct loss in some way or the other. The electoral equation for both will deteriorate. According to political experts, Congress will suffer the most loss. The logic behind this is that the traditional voters of BJP will not budge. But Congress’s vote bank may slip.

Although a lot will depend on the personal image of the candidates, those to whom the party has given tickets so far are not big faces of politics. Still, both parties will suffer losses somewhere.

Electoral equation will change in Rewa

In the urban body elections held last year, the AAP party had fielded its candidates in the mayor’s election. There was no special performance, but after AAP opened its account as mayor from Singrauli in Vindhya, its impact is definitely being seen in the neighboring district Rewa. Actually, AAP leaders and workers are excited with this victory and this time AAP party will have a lot of influence in the Rewa assembly elections. Because AAP candidate Engineer Deepak Singh got 8387 votes in the mayor’s election and once again the party has made him the assembly candidate. Deepak comes from a backward class, somewhere the votes of the backward class, especially the Patel class, who are considered voters of BJP, will go towards him. If more than 8 thousand votes were received in the mayor’s election, then it is believed that this figure will increase in the assembly elections and it will have a direct impact on both the parties. But BJP may suffer more losses here. There are more than two lakh voters in Rewa Assembly. This time AAP will have a decisive role here.

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