Vijayvargiya slams Nath for tardy development in Chhindwara

Bhopal: Expressing strong disapproval towards senior Congress leader Kamal Nath, State Government Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya highlighted the prolonged period of Nath’s leadership in Chhindwara over the last four decades, yet emphasized the glaring need for development in the region. Accusing Nath of perpetuating familial politics, Vijayvargiya pointed out a pattern where Nath himself, his wife, and now his son have all held positions of power within the political sphere. This dynastic approach, according to Vijayvargiya, stifles the democratic process within the Congress party, denying deserving grassroots workers opportunities and recognition.

Vijayvargiya further criticized Nath’s purported detachment from the plight of the common people, accusing him of neglecting the needs of the underprivileged while indulging in extravagant modes of transportation during his visits to Chhindwara. Addressing a workers’ conference in Amarwada and Chhindwara, Vijayvargiya reiterated the persistent underdevelopment in Chhindwara despite Nath’s long tenure, contrasting it with the progress witnessed in other regions such as Indore, where Vijayvargiya himself has played a significant role in driving development initiatives.

Nath’s focus only on electoral victories

Alleging that Nath’s focus lies primarily on electoral victories rather than genuine developmental efforts, Vijayvargiya referenced past statements by late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi highlighting systemic corruption within the Congress regime. In contrast, Vijayvargiya praised the current leadership under Prime Minister Narendra Modi for its commitment to zero tolerance towards corruption and efficient governance, citing examples of direct fund transfers benefiting the intended recipients without intermediaries.

During the workers’ conference in Amarwara, a significant defection from the Congress to the BJP occurred, with senior and influential Congress leader Sehwal Khan joining the BJP along with a large contingent of supporters, signaling a shift in political allegiance within the region.

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