Vegetable, fruit prices shoot up due to drivers’ strike

Bhopal: The second day of the statewide transporters’ strike has resulted in a significant increase in vegetable prices at markets in Bhopal,  Indore and other cities of Madhya Pradesh.

The ripple effect of the strike is evident, with vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage now being sold at Rs 80 per kg on Tuesday—double the original price of Rs 40 per kg . Similarly, brinjal prices have risen to Rs 60 per kg from Rs 40.

Manish Patidar, a vegetable trader from Indore, explained, “The reduced supply on Tuesday due to the ongoing strike has led to a surge in vegetable prices. However, the price hike may not be alarming since the strike is expected to be of short duration.”

Harish Gyanchandani, president of the Mandi traders association in Bhopal, stated, “The arrival of vegetables and essential commodities has been severely impacted by the token strike of transporters.”

The disruption in milk supply on Monday has been resolved, with normal supply resuming on Tuesday morning. In Bhopal, E-rickshaws charged higher fares from commuters, as petrol auto-rickshaw operators supported the transporters’ strike until January 3.

RPS Tiwari, CEO of Sanchi Milk, confirmed, “We temporarily halted milk supply on Monday evening, but it has now been resumed in Bhopal and Narmadapuram divisions on Tuesday morning.”

Tankers remained standing in depot

President of Madhya Pradesh Petroleum Dealers Association, Ajay Singh said that our tankers filled with petrol and diesel remained standing at Bakania depot. We could not get any security from the administration. This situation persists in entire Madhya Pradesh. He said that this is also an intelligence failure. Milk and petrol-diesel vehicles are not stopped. Some people were stopping people at Patel intersection in the presence of police.

Ajay Singh said that 10 lakh liters of petrol and 12 lakh liters of diesel are consumed daily in Bhopal district. On Monday, due to the strike, when people came to fill fuel, about 16 lakh liters of petrol and 13 to 14 lakh liters of diesel got exhausted in a single day. The fuel kept in stock at petrol pumps also got exhausted at many places. 1.45 crore liters of petrol and diesel are consumed daily in the entire state.

Collector’s assurance

Bhopal Collector Ashish Singh issued a message late in the evening that there is adequate supply of petrol and diesel in Bhopal district. Smooth supply of fuel will continue. He directed to make arrangements to supply fuel from the depot to the pumps under the supervision of police and administration, so that the shortage can be overcome.

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