Many schools closed, children, parents face hardship

Bhopal, Due to strike by truck and bus drivers protesting the new provisions of the Hit and Run law, numerous schools in the city declared a holiday on Tuesday. The impact of the transporters’ protest extended to school buses, prompting the schools to take this measure.

On what was supposed to be the first day back to school after a week-long winter vacation, the bus strike compelled schools to remain closed for an additional day. Some schools have resorted to conducting online classes.

Parents of school-going children are hesitant to send their kids to school amidst the ongoing strike, given the severe disruption to public transport.

Meanwhile, bus drivers insist they are willing to resume operations only if their safety is guaranteed. Those on strike are actively preventing other transporters from operating, leading to blockades and traffic congestion.

It’s noteworthy that commercial vehicle drivers nationwide are demanding the rollback of the new provisions related to hit-and-run cases, which propose a ten-year imprisonment and a Rs 7 lakh fine for convicted drivers. These protests have significantly impacted public transportation.

In several districts, petrol pumps have also run out of fuel, resulting in overcrowded filling stations. The situation in Balaghat required police intervention to control the crowd.

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