Tumor removed from between kidney and liver

  • Hamidia doctors perform rare operation

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Doctors of Hamidia Hospital, while performing a rare surgery, have removed a three-inch tumor stuck between the kidney and liver. After the operation, the patient has been kept in the post-operative ward. Here his health remains stable at present. The operation was done by Professor Dr. M Kaushariya of the Surgery Department and his team.

Dr. Kaushariya said that about two weeks ago, a patient had come down with the complaint of high blood pressure, fast heartbeat and sweating. The patient is 39 years old, but the symptoms of his disease were like the diseases suffered by the elderly, due to which he was admitted to the OPD. CT scan and hormone tests of the patient were done. During examination, the patient was found to have a tumor on the adrenal gland located above the kidneys. This tumor was rare, which could be cured by operation. Due to this, the patient was admitted and an operation was planned. The patient’s BP had become 280.

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