Kiosk starts to quench thirst of passersby, discussion on importance of water

  • State Bank of India management inaugurates public Water kiosk

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Many programs including social service are being run by State Bank of India Bhopal Division under the leadership of Chief General Manager in the entire division. Under this, a discussion on the importance of water was organized by State Bank Learning and Development Institute, Bhopal on Wednesday, 8th May and a public drinking water kiosk was started near the institute.

This kiosk was inaugurated by General Manager and Divisional Development Officer Deepak Kumar Jha. In this program, staff members under the leadership of Jha and Sanjay Kumar provided lemonade to the passers-by and all the attendees. A large number of people took advantage of this facility and praised the social work being run by SBI. This public kiosk is available to passers-by throughout the summer season.

Tie saucers to quench thirst of birds

Berasia, It is the duty of every citizen to protect the lives of animals and birds by providing them water in the scorching heat. City social worker Deepak Dubey said this on Wednesday while appealing to the citizens to tie saucers on the roofs of their houses or on nearby trees, keep tanks for animals and fill them with water daily. He said that at present the temperature has reached 43 degrees Celsius, to quench the thirst of animals and birds in this scorching heat, keep water filled in drums or coils outside your homes. Tie saucers filled with water on trees or on the roofs of houses for birds. And fill them with water every day. If possible, earn virtue by keeping grains, fruits etc. on the rooftops for the birds.

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