Candidates spent time with family as soon as they got free

  • BJP candidate Alok Sharma makes tea, Arun Srivastava inspects EVM

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
As soon as they got a break from the hustle and bustle of two months of Lok Sabha elections, the candidates were seen in a relaxed mood on Wednesday. BJP’s Alok Sharma made tea for his wife Shraddha Sharma after several days, while Congress’s Arun Srivastava also spent time with his family. After voting, both of them claimed victory.

BJP candidate Alok Sharma was busy in elections for the last 2 months. Everyday schedule was also busy. Was getting less time for family. After voting, he remained free on Wednesday. Due to this, he first made tea for his wife Shraddha and then both of them drank it together. They also attended the meeting of party officials in the evening.

Arun Srivastava reached strong room

Bhopal BJP candidate Arun Srivastava spent some time with his family on Wednesday as soon as he got free time. After that he went to jail and inspected the EVM machines. During this, he discussed with the officials and got information about EVMs. Before this, Srivastava also remained among family and friends. He said that due to election campaigns, rallies and meetings, every day’s schedule was very busy. Got free time on Wednesday. Therefore he spent most of the time among family and friends. Had a lot of fun with the kids.

After this, he reached the strong room in the old jail and saw the arrangements here. After this, he also participated in organizing a marriage ceremony.

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