Tiger pug marks spotted in Kaliasot, panic among people

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

Tiger’s pug marks have been spotted near the Kaliasot river in Chandanpura village of Bhopal. After the information came out, panic spread among the people nearby. Along with the tiger’s pug marks, small pug marks have also been found.

This has raised the possibility of movement of the tigress along with her cubs in the area. The forest department staff has started searching in the area. DFO Ashok Pathak said that some footprints were seen in the morning. The location has not been found even after searching during the day. There are eight tigers in the area. Their regular monitoring is going on. People are appealed to be cautious and also take care of their cattle and other pets. There is movement of tigress in the surrounding area, which roams with its cubs. By matching the footmarks, it is being ensured whether the small pug marks are of new cubs or old cubs. Searching is being done during the day and night for monitoring the tiger. Cameras are installed at various places. That road is closed at night for the safety of the people. The district administration has been informed about this.

Team sent after the video surfaced

Pathak said that immediately after the video surfaced, a team has been sent to search for the tigress. For this, the roads of Chandanpura have been closed. If new cubs are with her, then a situation of tiger-human conflict can also arise. The tiger movement of tiger has been going on in Chandanpura for two months. Despite the warning boards being installed, many people go for a walk here in the morning and evening. They need to be cautious.

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