First emergency OPD opened in AIIMS

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
AIIMS Bhopal has become the first AIIMS institute in the country where emergency OPD service has started. Inaugurating this emergency OPD, Executive Director of AIIMS Bhopal Professor (Dr) Ajay Singh said that we can save many lives by providing timely and correct treatment to the patients. Through this emergency OPD, the patient will be able to get quick medical service. Apart from this, the patient also gets satisfaction along with better treatment at low cost. Professor Singh said that we will be able to provide better health services to the patient by effectively managing the available resources. This emergency OPD was started on 29 May in connection with Emergency Medicine Day in the Trauma and Emergency Medicine Department of AIIMS Bhopal. During this, the head of the department, Dr. Yunus and Dr. Bhupeshwari gave special information on the impact of climate change on emergency medicine, especially the diseases occurring during summer. The symptoms of heat stroke and ways to prevent it were also explained by the Trauma and Emergency Medicine Department through a play. Dr. Rashmi Verma, in-charge of the Emergency OPD, said that this emergency OPD will be ready to serve people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On this occasion, Shivansh Gaur, who studies in the sixth class, explained the ways to protect oneself from the heat through a wonderful comic.

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