Action will be taken if power supply is stopped without reason

  • Energy Minister reviews electricity tripping and maintenance

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Action will be taken against the engineer of the concerned area if electricity supply is stopped without any necessary reason. The officers and employees of the electricity company should feel how their family would feel if the electricity of their house remains off for an hour in this summer.

Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar said this during the review of electricity tripping and maintenance in the ministry. Tomar said that from the executive engineer of the concerned area of ??the company to the junior engineer, everyone should hold meetings and communicate with the consumers in the locality. Tell them the reasons for tripping. He said to replace the cables at the places where tripping is happening due to old cables.

Take meter reading on the scheduled date

The Energy Minister said to take meter readings on the scheduled date every month. He expressed displeasure over sending estimated bills. He said that if the consumer’s bill is surprisingly high in any month, then it should be investigated. The Energy Minister said that in the areas where electricity maintenance is being done, the date and time of the same should be conveyed to the consumers through various news media. Tomar said that senior officers should meet public representatives, farmers’ organizations, social organizations and business organizations from time to time and inform them about the functioning, problems and solutions of the energy department.

Complaints received through social media like Facebook, X etc. should also be resolved. A telephone number should be kept at every circle level for complaints. The complaints received on this should be monitored by a senior officer. Tomar said that any officer or employee of the electricity company should be rewarded for doing good work. Strict action should be taken against incidents of assault on them during recovery etc. Additional Chief Secretary Manu Shrivastava said that there is no shortage of electricity in the state. Ensure continuous electricity supply under all circumstances. Resolve the power supply interrupted due to local reasons within the time limit.

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