Tiger clan increases in Kheoni sanctuary

  • Tiger Prince and Tigress Meera gave birth to three cubs

Chronicle Reporter, Kannaud
Tiger Yuvraj and tigress Meera have added to the glory of Kheoni Sanctuary by giving birth to three cubs in the wildlife sanctuary of Khivni located in Kannod-Dewas district. This is good news for the tourists visiting the sanctuary.

Actually, the work of the Eco Development Committee has been given for the management of Khivani, which includes safari, guides, food arrangements for tourists, operation of souvenir shop and cleaning work, which will provide employment to about 15 people of the village.

The time of safari has also been fixed in which morning safari can be done from 06:00 to 09:30 and evening safari can be done from 4:30 to 6:30. Located at the border of Dewas district, a forest spread over 134.77 square kilometers is the natural habitat of not only the national animal of India and the Ghotak tiger of Tiger State, but also provides natural habitat to many wild animals like leopard bear, hyena, fox, chital, nilgai, chausingha, wild boar, etc.

Nestled between the Malwa plateau and the Vindhyachal mountain ranges, this sanctuary is spread over Dewas and Sehore districts and is also the origin of the Jamner and Balganga rivers, tributaries of Mother Narmada.

This wildlife sanctuary was established in the year 1955 before the formation of Madhya Pradesh by the then Holkar rulers for the purpose of wildlife conservation. According to the first notification issued in the year 1955, this is the first notified sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh.

Wild animals in the forest are also looking for relief from the heat

Summer season is going on and people are facing the wrath of heat. The temperature in the district is above 33 degrees and animals and birds are also suffering from the heat. Wild animals in the forest are also looking for relief from the heat. On Sunday, a tiger was seen on the road in Khivani Sanctuary in the heat and was sitting fearlessly on the road. The Superintendent and his staff saw a pleasant sight in the forest during patrolling. Although the sanctuary is full of biodiversity, the presence of the tiger What adds to this is that due to the forest area being large and situated in the hilly area, the tourists rarely see the tiger in the forest, but while patrolling the forest, employees saw direct and visible evidence of the tiger.

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