Ticket to Engineer: A flurry of resignations

  • BJP cancels ticket of two-time MLA
  • District Panchayat President Gopal made candidate

Chronicle Reporter, Sehore
In Ashta assembly of Sehore, the home district of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BJP has fielded District Panchayat President Gopal Singh Engineer, who joined BJP from Congress by cutting the ticket of two-time MLA Raghunath Singh Malviya, as its candidate.

Protests have started in Ashta assembly constituency ever since Gopal Singh Engineer became the candidate. Strong opposition is being expressed by two factions of BJP, while on Tuesday, many BJP workers resigned from the membership of the party.

Demand for change of candidate is rising

On Sunday, angry supporters of current MLA Raghunath Malviya had expressed their anger over the cancellation of his ticket. At the same time, supporters of Kailash Bagana, a strong contender for the ticket from BJP, had also raised the alarm of protest and both the groups had unanimously demanded change of candidate, otherwise they had warned of facing the consequences.

On Tuesday again, the supporters of MLA Raghunath Singh Malviya raised slogans against the BJP candidate and demanded the organization to change the candidate. While many angry workers registered their protest by resigning from party posts and primary membership.

Gopal lost three times

It is to mention that BJP has made District Panchayat President Gopal Engineer, who joined BJP after losing elections thrice on Congress ticket, as its candidate. Since Engineer became the candidate, rebellion has started in BJP in the assembly constituency. Now this rebellion is showing no signs of stopping and now angry party workers are even resigning.

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