Technology is the solution to our problems: Christina

  • Launch of world-class tool developed by MPCST
  • Minister Omprakash Sakhlecha joins
  • British Deputy High Commissioner participates

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

“This tool will help in understanding the ecosystem and climatic conditions, we all will have to make efforts together regarding climate change.”

This is what State Science and Technology Minister Omprakash Saklecha had to say. Saklecha said this in his presidential address during the inauguration of the universal tool Crisp M at the Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology (MPCST) recently.

He said that the scientists of MPCST are doing excellent work and by developing this world class achievement, the scientists of Mapcast have set a new record.

On Friday, the Climate Information Service CRISP tool developed by the Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology (MPCST) in collaboration with the International Institute for Environment and Development under the Rural Development Department of the Government of India was inaugurated at the MPCST campus. British Deputy High Commissioner and Minister Christina Scott was the chief guest at the programme. On this occasion, Director General of Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology, Dr. Anil Kothari said that it will help in better management of climate impacts and will also provide an integrated approach to create water conservation.

Agreements have been signed between India and Britain

Christina Scott, Minister and British Deputy High Commissioner, said in her statement that technology is the answer to all problems. Recently agreements have been signed between India and Britain to increase science and technology through which both the countries will benefit. She said that in the meeting between the Indian Prime Minister and the British Prime Minister in the G20 group meeting to be held in India next week, an agreement will be made for joint programs for mutual cooperation in subjects related to science and technology.

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