Shankar Lalwani wins by record margin; NOTA gets over 2.18 lakh votes

Indore, BJP’s Shankar Lalwani on Tuesday won the Indore Lok Sabha seat by a margin of more than 11 lakh votes in a contest that also witnessed the NOTA (none of the above) option creating a record.

Mr Lalwani, who is the sitting MP from Indore, received 12,26,751 votes and defeated his nearest rival, Bahujan Samaj Party’s Sanjay, who secured 51,659 votes. A BJP leader claimed that Mr Lalwani’s victory margin is probably the “highest” in the country’s electoral history.

Lalwani had made a successful poll debut in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

BJP’s Shankar Lalwani got 12 lakh 26 thousand 751 votes. BJP has broken its previous record here. It got the highest number of votes in the country.

Earlier, in 2019, the biggest victory was in the name of Navsar seat of Gujarat. There, BJP’s CR Patil won the Navsar seat by 6.90 lakh votes.

3. For the first time in the country, NOTA has got 2,18,674 votes. Till now, the record in the country was in the name of Gopalganj seat of Bihar. In 2019, it got the highest number of votes in the country i.e. 51,600.

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