RGPV Scam: Fraud committed making wrong facts base

  • Registrar deposited crores of rupees in private bank accounts
  • Irregularities of Rs 19.48 crore revealed in investigation report
  • Note Sheet was used to deposit money in RBL Bank account

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Suspended Registrar RS Rajput, who was accused in the case of embezzlement of crores of rupees in Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, had also forged the note sheet made for keeping crores of rupees of the university in a private bank.

RS Rajput and the then Finance Controller Hrishikesh Verma had worked together to ensure that the scam was not exposed in the government audit. RS Rajput, along with the Finance Controller, had signed both the checks and issued a note sheet to deposit the amount in the RBL Bank account. .

After this, RS Rajput prepared a fake note sheet, in which about ten crore rupees were deposited in the personal bank accounts of Dalit Mahasangh Sohagpur and Kumar Mayank by pretending to be the university’s account. These mistakes were made in transferring Rs 19.48 crore from the bank account of RGPV. The fraud was done on the basis of facts. This has been revealed in the investigation report into the embezzlement of Rs 19.48 crore in the university.

The accused Vice Chancellor and Registrar will be interrogated – On the complaint of the Registrar of the University, Gandhi Nagar Police has registered a named case against five people including the then Vice Chancellor Professor Sunil Gupta, the then Registrar Professor RS Rajput, Finance Controller Hrishikesh Verma, Kumar Mayank, Dalit Federation. In this case, the police have arrested Kumar Mayank and are interrogating him. The police are also preparing to interrogate Prof Sunil Kumar and Prof RS Rajput soon. The police have arrested Kumar Mayank from Ahmedabad. However, till now Kumar Mayank has not revealed why the transfers were made to his account.

Two cheques were made from the finance branch

According to the investigation report, the then Registrar of the University, Prof. RS Rajput, along with Finance Controller Hrishikesh Verma, had made two separate cheques of Rs 1.99 crore and Rs 8.01 crore. Both the cheques made from the Finance Branch were signed by the above two officers. Not only this, Rajput had kept the cheques and note sheets of sending Rs 1.99 crore and Rs 8.01 crore to his personal bank account. For this, Rajput had written Kumar Mayank’s Axis Bank Bhopal account as RGPV’s bank account in the note sheet, so that the auditor cannot detect this financial irregularity during the audit.

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