Will Bunty be able to penetrate the impregnable fortress of Congress?

BJP bets on Bunty,

Vijendra Amadre, Chhindwara,
BJP and Congress have announced the names of their candidates from Chhindwara Lok Sabha seat, which has been considered an impenetrable stronghold of Congress since independence. After a long struggle, while BJP has made District BJP President Vivek Bunty Sahu its candidate, Congress has once again expressed confidence in Nakul Nath and fielded him.

Barring the by-election held in 1997, till now Chhindwara Lok Sabha seat has been held by Congress. The BJP, which is aiming to cross the figure of 400 in 2024, is busy working on the target of 29 out of 29 seats in the state. Till a few days ago, it was believed that BJP could field a strong outside candidate from Chhindwara. At the last moment, BJP expressed confidence in the district AJP president and declared its candidate.

How effective the Congressmen who left Congress and joined BJP will be in making BJP win can be decided only after the results are declared. On the other hand, the ongoing contradiction within the BJP will also create difficulties for the BJP.

Congress captures all seven assembly seats

It should be noted that at present Congress is in control of all the seven assembly seats in the district, all the seven MLAs will work for the Congress candidate, while all the defeated BJP candidates have been made assembly in-charge by the BJP, for whom it will be a difficult challenge to pacify the dissidents. On the other hand, on the lines of the entire country, Congress leaders in Chhindwara are also continuously migrating from the Congress. Which will have a direct impact on the victory or defeat of Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Now it remains to be seen how successful former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, who is an expert in election management, will be in taking his son to Parliament.

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