Hanging wire can cause a major accident

  • Cables and wires hanging from electricity poles at many places in capital
  • Fear of accident due to negligence of electricity department

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The wires and cables hanging on the poles installed for electricity supply in the capital are in a dangerous condition. At many places the poles are crooked or bent and the wires are hanging till the ground. The gust of wind causes the wires to collide with each other, resulting in a strong spark and a blackout in that area.

Apart from this, there is a cable-wire net laid on the pillars. There is always a possibility of a short circuit. At many places, these wires and cables are running through the walls of buildings. Due to lack of monitoring by responsible officers and their negligence, a major accident can occur at any time.

Some similar scenes are seen in many areas including the old post office in Shahjahanabad, Imami Gate, Islamic Gate, BJP office, transformer installed at number 11, E-3 of Arera Colony. The department responsible for repairing these hanging wires and cable wires is the electricity company and the municipal corporation, but the officials are not paying attention to it. In such a situation, wire nets have been installed on the poles in many areas. Accidents have also occurred due to electric current coming into the poles and DBs remaining open. Complaints about this have been made several times to public representatives, Municipal Corporation and electricity company officials, but no responsible officer paid attention to this. If carelessness continues like this, a major accident can happen at any time.

Even after a complaint, no action is taken – although such incidents are often seen in villages, but now they are being seen in the urban areas and capital Bhopal. These days, due to the autumn winds, these wires are shaking and colliding with each other. There is no one to take care of the wires hanging from the pole. The electric wires in Nariyal Kheda, Karond etc. of old Bhopal have become so dilapidated that there is no way to know when they might break due to a little wind or hitting trees and become the cause of a major accident.

People say that due to the negligence of the electricity department, such accidents are being openly invited. Complaints were made several times to the electricity company and the Municipal Corporation, but no action was taken.

A small mistake can cost one’s life – Anshul Jain, a resident of E-3 sector of Arera Colony, said that the electricity department leaves the wires temporarily hanging. On top of that, cable operators also tie their cable connection wires to these poles, which can increase accidents.

Make electrical wires underground

Vikas Sharma, a resident of number 11, said that high voltage electric wires are hanging everywhere in the area. Also spread here and there. This can prove fatal for children playing in residential areas, especially on the roads. My demand from the administration is that the electric wires should be made underground or some permanent initiative should be taken. The electricity department should take this seriously. Keep these wires underground.

Maintenance and monitoring of electric cables installed on electric poles in the capital is done by the Municipal Corporation. Wherever the hanging wires are seen, the employees of the electricity department go there and fix them with cranes. During this period, if the cable of cable operators having TV channels is found hanging, then the Municipal Corporation takes action against the said cable operator by giving a notice. Maintenance work is being done continuously at various places in the city. Wherever complaints are received, the department immediately goes and rectifies them.

–       Premshankar Shukla,
  PRO, Municipal Corporation, Bhopal

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