Rajan issues instructions for poll preparations

  • Indore and Ujjain divisions review

Bhopal: Chief Electoral Officer Shri Anupam Rajan on Thursday, conducted a comprehensive review of preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections-2024 in the districts of Indore and Ujjain divisions. Emphasizing the importance of voter awareness, Shri Rajan urged for the development of localized action plans and advocated for direct outreach to voters at their doorstep. He highlighted the necessity of forming party units at the village level for effective engagement.

Additionally, Shri Rajan underscored the need for meticulous arrangements to ensure seamless, fair, and peaceful voting processes. Considering the prevailing heat conditions, he stressed the provision of essential amenities such as shade, cool water, seating arrangements, fans, and ORS at polling stations. Furthermore, extensive security measures have been put in place to safeguard the polling day proceedings

Ensure Readiness to conduct free and fair elections

Shri Rajan said that concrete arrangements should be made to conduct free and fair elections. He sought detailed information about law and order, status of polling stations, polling stations managed by women and differently-abled people, availability of electronic voting machines and human resources, availability of postal ballots, vehicles, checking being done at checkpoints etc. He said that complete caution and vigilance should be taken during the elections. The Commission is alert and serious about conducting the elections in a free, fair, uninterrupted and peaceful manner. He directed that other restrictive actions including NSA should be taken against people with criminal tendencies, so that confidence can be established among the common voters so that they can exercise their franchise fearlessly.

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