AIIMS will develop breast cancer model

  • Rs 1 crore received for 3-D bioprinted model

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
AIIMS Bhopal is constantly doing different experiments for cancer patients. New machines are being installed. Research is also going on regarding cancer. In view of this, AIIMS Bhopal has been given an amount of about Rs 1 crore from the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council established by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) of the Government of India.

This grant has been given to develop a 3-D bioprinted breast cancer model developed in the laboratory for drug testing and personalized medicine. This research will be done in collaboration with the National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Odisha. AIIMS Director Dr. Ajay Singh said that the development of 3-D bioprinted breast tumor organoids aims to address this challenge by creating a tissue that can closely mimic the natural structure and function of a human breast tumor. These organoids will be helpful in testing the efficacy and safety of drugs, potentially reducing dependence on animal testing and further improving predictive accuracy for human responses. Dr. Neha Arya of the Department of Translational Medicine, AIIMS Bhopal is the principal tester of the grant and believes that the 3-D bioprinted breast tumor organoid model developed in the laboratory is an important step in revolutionizing drug testing protocols.

Most patients are coming for breast cancer

Breast cancer remains one of the most prevalent types of cancer globally, with millions of new cases being reported every year. Traditional drug testing methods often fall short of mimicking the complex human tissue environment, making treatment strategies less effective. Professor (Dr.) Ajay Singh, Executive Director, AIIMS Bhopal, always inspires faculty members and students to set high standards and work hard to achieve them.

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