BJP Mahila Morcha members protest outside Patwari’s residence

  • Black flags shown to PCC chief in Betul

Bhopal: MP Congress President Jitu Patwari is in trouble for his controversial statement about BJP leader Imarti Devi. On one hand, BJP leaders are cornering the entire Congress including Jitu Patwari. On the other hand, BJP workers are protesting against Patwari.

BJP workers showed black flags to Jitu Patwari who reached Betul, the situation became such that BJP and Congress workers clashed with each other, who were separated by the police. On the other hand, Patwari has made a big claim about the victory of Congress in Madhya Pradesh.

A day earlier, PCC Chief Jitu Patwari had said about Imarti Devi, ‘Look, it is like this, now the juice of Imarti ji has ended, now I have nothing to do with her.’

In Indore, Members of the BJP Mahila Morcha gathered outside the residence of Congress state chief Jitu Patwari in Indore, staging a protest against his disrespectful comments about former minister Dabra Imarti Devi. Hundreds of women, armed with bangles as a symbol of disdain, congregated at Patwari’s residence in Bijalpur, Indore, on Friday.

The protest was captured on video and has swiftly gained traction on social media. The footage depicts BJP women activists tearing down posters featuring Jitu Patwari and walking on them, symbolizing their disapproval. However, the posters also bore images of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram, sparking further controversy.

Patwari apologizes

Jitu Patwari has given clarification regarding the statement given regarding Imarti Devi. He said, “One of my statements is being distorted and presented in the wrong context. My intention was only to avoid the answer to the question. Imarti ji is like my elder sister and elder sister is like a mother. If still if anyone has been hurt, I apologize.”

However, Imarti has said she would lodge an FIR against Patwari.

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