Rahul Gandhi will not win his seat in LS election: Vijayasai Reddy

New Delhi, Feb 5 (UNI) Hitting out at the Congress, V Vijayasai Reddy of the YSRCP said on Monday that Rahul Gandhi, who lost the Amethi Parliamentary seat in the last Lok Sabha election, will not win the next election.

Participating in the discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the President Address in the Rajya Sabha, the YSRCP member said that the people of Andhra Pradesh have decided not to vote for a spineless Congress party.

He also called the Congress ‘Dhokebaaz’, which was objected to by the Chair. The Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Harivansh Narayan Singh, objected and asked the member not to use any ‘unparliamentary’ words in the House.

He hailed the president’s address, terming it important, which only highlighted the achievements and progress of the country in the last 10 years.

Talking about his state, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayasai Reddy said that the Congress, while bifurcating the state, had promised to give it special status, but it was never done.

Moreover, he added that the bifurcation was done in an unscientific manner, and several key issues were never addressed by the then-government ruled by Congress.

The Congress did not even address the concerns of its own MPs, and this showed only the party’s insensitivity towards Andhra Pradesh, he added.

He said the people of Andhra Pradesh will never forgive the Congress and will teach the party a lesson.

Participating in the discussion, Congress member Digvijay Singh accused the NDA government of taking credit for the schemes that were started by the UPA government.

He stated that the government had said that after 500 years, it brought Lord Ram to the temple, but it had failed to bring back Nirav Modi, who has looted the country and could not bring back the black money that was promised during the elections.

He said that the BJP and the RSS have already divided people on the basis of religion, such as Hindus and Muslims, and now they are diving into the ‘Ram Bhakts’. He alleged that the BJP was doing only business in the name of religion.

He also accused the Modi government of using government agencies like ED, IT, CBI, and others as weapons against its opposition.

Participating in the discussion, K. R. Suresh Reddy of the BRS suggested increasing the working days of the Parliament and taking private member bills seriously.

He said that in India, the poor were becoming poorer, and this was due to poor planning. He termed the NITI Aayog a toothless institution.

Talking about Manipur, Reddy said that at present, the people of the state need a healing touch, and the government should reach out to the violence-hit people of the state.

A. D. Singh of the RJD also participated in the discussion.

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