PVR INOX expands footprint in South India with its 14-screen megaplex

Bengaluru, (UNI) In continuation of PVR INOX’s commitment to providing unparalleled cinematic experiences to its audience, the company launched its 14-screen Megaplex at Phoenix Mall of Asia, equipped with cutting-edge technology and premium formats like MX4D and ScreenX here on Thursday.

This 14-screen Megaplex touted as the largest in South India, is set to redefine the movie-watching experience with its array of premium formats including MX4D, ScreenX, and Insignia.

The introduction of MX4D, promises to be an immersive 4D movie experience, along with ScreenX, offering a 270-degree cinema viewing, marking a pioneering move by PVR INOX in South India. “These innovative formats are designed to captivate audiences and elevate their cinematic journey to new heights,” PVR INOX Limited Managing Director Ajay Bijli told reporters here.

With this launch, PVR INOX is significantly strengthening its foothold in Bengaluru and across the state of Karnataka, he said. This latest addition boosts PVR INOX’s presence in Bengaluru to an impressive 172 screens across 26 cinemas, while in Karnataka, it brings the total to 219 screens spread across 37 cinemas, Bijli added.

Moreover, this expansion also contributes to PVR INOX’s consolidation of its presence in South India as a whole, the PVR INOX MD said. With the addition of the Megaplex, PVR INOX now boasts a remarkable total of 572 screens distributed across 100 properties in the region, he said.

This extensive network solidifies PVR INOX’s position as the largest and most premium cinema exhibitor in South India, further enhancing its ability to cater to the diverse entertainment needs of audiences across the southern states.

By strategically expanding its footprint and offering a diverse range of cinema experiences, PVR INOX continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the Indian cinema exhibition industry, ensuring that moviegoers have access to world-class entertainment options, Ajay Bijli said.

Moreover, the cinema is equipped with state-of-the-art theatrical technology, including 4K laser projection, advanced Dolby Atmos surround sound, and Volfoni 3D screens. These cutting-edge features collectively guarantee an immersive and unparalleled cinematic journey for every patron, he said.

PVR INOX Limited Executive Director Sanjeev Kumar Bijli said, “By introducing innovative formats like MX4D and Screen X to the region, the company is not only enhancing the cinematic landscape but also catering to the evolving preferences of moviegoers.”

Bengaluru’s status as a fast-changing and dynamic city, coupled with its position as one of India’s fastest-growing economies, presents a ripe opportunity for multiplex expansion, he said.

PVR INOX’s decision to leverage the city’s immense potential underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and meeting the demands of a discerning audience,” Sanjeev added.

The PVR INOX ED also acknowledged the proactive governance in Bengaluru, highlighting the collaborative efforts between the private and public sectors in fostering a conducive environment for business growth.

This synergy further reinforces Bengaluru’s position as a promising destination for investment and expansion, he said.

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