MP has become nation’s growth engine: Rajnath Singh

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Addressing a sizable crowd in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Defence Minister and BJP stalwart Rajnath Singh highlighted the state’s transformation from a ‘Bimaru’ status to becoming a crucial growth engine for the nation. Singh expressed that discussing all the plans and accomplishments of the Modi government would take hours, underscoring the depth of their initiatives.

Supporting the idea of One Nation-One Election, Singh revealed his advocacy for the concept, mentioning his conversation with the Prime Minister on the matter. He emphasized the need to limit the number of elections in the country to a maximum of two within a span of five years.

Arriving in Mauganj, Rewa, Singh engaged with the audience in the Devtalab assembly constituency before proceeding to Nagod in Satna, where he is scheduled to participate in a public gathering at Gol Maidan. Later, the Defence Minister will depart for Prayagraj by helicopter.

India leaped from 11th to 5th place

Singh asserted India’s remarkable economic progress, citing a leap from the 11th to the 5th position globally. He expressed India’s ambition to ascend to the top three economic powers by the close of 2024.

Responding to criticisms about the government’s farmer support program, Singh defended the initiative, stating that the additional financial aid is essential for farmers to afford necessities like fertilizers and seeds. He questioned the logic behind criticizing support offered to farmers and reiterated that this initiative is just one among many.

Addressing religious concerns, Singh rejected allegations of bias within the BJP, asserting the principle of equality across religious lines. He emphasized the need for a focus on responsibilities rather than rights for the establishment of ‘Ramrajya’ and reiterated the BJP’s commitment to treating Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians with parity.

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