Prices of vegetables are skyrocketing, onion prices cross Rs 70

  • Tomato prices increase again, Rs 40 per kg
  • Prices of other vegetables also gained momentum

Chronicle Reporter, Betul
During the festive season, the prices of onion, tomato and other vegetables are skyrocketing. Vegetables are becoming beyond the reach of the poor. The price of onions is making people cry. Now the tomato has also turned red. The prices are continuously increasing.

Last fortnight ago the price of onion was Rs 30 per kg. Now it has increased to beyond Rs 70. Tomatoes were also priced at Rs 15 to Rs 20 per kg a fortnight ago, which has increased to Rs 40 per kg. People’s pockets are becoming loose due to rising prices of onion and tomato. At present, people are feeling less chances of reduction in the prices of onion, tomato and other vegetables. People’s taste has deteriorated due to the increase in prices of onion and tomato. Onions are necessary for making vegetables, but now onions are becoming beyond the reach of middle class people.

Notice posted in hotels, do not ask for onion: The effect of rising onion prices is visible in hotels also. At many places, notices have been pasted in hotels saying please do not ask for onions. Please cooperate in this period of inflation. Salad is served before meals in hotels. Now due to rising onion prices, onion has disappeared from salads. Even the customers going to eat in hotels are not able to get onion in their salad. Apart from hotels, notices about not asking for onions have been pasted at many places even at dhabas. Despite eating food in the hotel, people are not getting onion salad. Inflation has spoiled people’s enjoyment of food. There is no limit to how long the common people will have to bear the brunt of inflation.

Huge increase in the prices of other vegetables also

Apart from onion and tomato, the prices of other vegetables are skyrocketing. There has also been a huge increase in the prices of other vegetables including green chillies, bottle gourd, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber, bitter gourd. Doctors are advising people to eat green vegetables for good health, but these green vegetables are now becoming inaccessible to people. Its effect will also be seen on people’s health. Despite it being necessary, people are not able to eat green vegetables due to inflation. There is no relief from vegetable prices for a few more days.

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