Timing of Karva Chauth and Chandradarshan explained through mathematics

  • Karva Chauth will be celebrated first in eastern cities

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
You can accurately calculate what time you will spot the moon in the sky on Karva Chauth from your courtyard or terrace.

Science broadcaster Sarika Gharu, who received the National Award for explaining the astronomy of moonrise, said that today (31 October) on Tritiya Tithi, while waiting for moonrise in the evening, note down the time to see it from your home. The time obtained by adding 52 minutes to this will be the exact time of Chandradarshan of your Karva Chauth. Sarika said that while revolving around the Earth monthly, the Moon keeps moving forward by about 12 degrees every day. For this reason, during the dark phase, we are able to see the Moon after about 50 minutes from any part of the Earth. The moon of Karva Chauth on Wednesday will rise approximately 52 minutes after the rising moon of Tuesday. Sarika said that moonrise and seeing the moon from your courtyard are two different situations. It is not necessary that the horizon be visible from your house. There may be obstacles in the way of viewing like trees, houses etc.

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