People beginning to feel the chill in many dists

  • Gwalior coldest at 11.2

Bhopal: Following a week of Diwali festivities, chill can be experienced in many districts of Madhya Pradesh. Over the past four days, there has been a consistent drop in temperatures, with many districts experiencing temperatures below 14 degrees. Consequently, residents are beginning to feel the chill. Pachmarhi registered a minimum temperature of 11.6 degrees, while Gwalior recorded 11.2 degrees Celsius.

Hill stations in Madhya Pradesh are known for consistently record low temperatures, often breaking records. However, this time, Gwalior has surpassed Pachmarhi in recording the lowest mercury levels.

Currently, there is no prominent weather system active in the North India region, with winds predominantly coming from the northern and north-eastern directions. This has led to a decline in both day and night temperatures.

Projections suggest the activation of a Western Disturbance in North India in the coming week, potentially leading to a gradual rise in temperatures and cloud cover. However, once it subsides, the cold spell is expected to intensify, resulting in a further drop in temperatures, even during the daytime. Consequently, residents of the state should brace themselves for an imminent spell of severe cold in the days ahead.

A significant decrease in temperature is evident across various districts and cities in Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior recorded 11.2 degrees Celsius, Pachmarhi at 11.6 degrees, Datia at 12 degrees, Guna at 12.6 degrees, Umaria and Malajkhand at 12.6 degrees, Naugaon in Chhatarpur at 12.5 degrees, Bhopal at 15 degrees, Indore at 15 degrees, and Jabalpur at 13 degrees Celsius.

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