Now ASI team comes to Ujjain to check erosion of Mahakal Shivalinga

  • Investigation was done in top-level premises including the sanctum sanctorum
  • Water and ash samples were taken recently

Chronicle Reporter, Ujjain
On Tuesday, the team of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) reached Ujjain to investigate the erosion of Shivalinga of Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar temple and went to the temple and took necessary samples. Some members of the team were also from GSI Geological Survey of India.

A team of 8 members from both the departments together reached the sanctum sanctorum of Mahakal temple and examined the Shivalinga closely. Earlier, on December 18, a team from Geological Survey of India, Bhopal, had come to Ujjain and tested the samples of water, hemp and ashes offered on the Shivalinga in the temple. Now both the teams are investigating together. Now both the departments will prepare their reports and submit them to the Supreme Court. Dr. Ram Ji Nigam of the team that came from ASI Delhi to investigate the erosion of Shivling in Mahakal temple said that 8 members have inspected the temple. In which Mohan Vikram and Deputy General Director of the department GSI Radheshyam Sarkar Bhopal were also included.

According to their topic, everyone made the Shivalinga of Mahakal, the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, the top part of the temple.

They also visited Omkareshwar Temple and Nagchandreshwar Temple located at 10000, inspected and took necessary samples and also checked the strength of the construction etc.


Devotees returning empty-handed without having darshan

Who will improve the arrangements of Omkareshwar?

Chronicle Reporter, Khandwa/Omkareshwar
The crowd of devotees in the pilgrimage town Omkareshwar is not being controlled. People are flocking, but are upset due to the chaos and are cursing the chaos of the administration of Khandwa. The state and central governments are spending the budget on other religious places.

Big public representatives are not paying attention towards Omkareshwar. Planners are busy in Ujjain and Ayodhya only. Who will improve the arrangements in Omkareshwar? Devotees coming from every corner of the country are not able to have darshan even after standing in line for ten hours. Who is responsible for this? Despite this, there is looting everywhere. In view of the excessive crowd, the administration has ensured that no accident occurs. In view of this, a ban was imposed on boat operations. The sailors had closed their boats for two days. Boat operations started on Tuesday. The administration had to take this decision due to the excess number of boats.

Change the design of the sanctum sanctorum
The sanctum sanctorum of the temple will have to be given a new shape. Instead of the idol place of Shankaracharya, the design of the main sanctum sanctorum and Mamleshwar of the temple will have to be improved. Don’t those who run the country and the state see the chaos in Omkareshwar? Whatever plan comes in the city council becomes the center point of loot. Why doesn’t the administration make a new plan and give it to the state and central governments? Why is a budget like Mahakal Lok not being brought here? Why are God’s temples getting step-motherly treatment? At present, the states of Maharashtra and South have been cut off from the Omkareshwar railway line.

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