Construction of six lane ring road soon

  • Narmadapuram Road to Kolar, via Ratibad
  • Distance to Indore will decrease by 25 km
  • It will cost around Rs 3000 crores

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
In view of the ever-increasing traffic within the capital, there is a need for a second ring road. This new ring road will be of six lanes, which will connect Indore Highway from Narmadapuram Road to Kolar, Ratibarh till Phanda.

This distance will be approximately 41 km. With this, a direct road will be available from Narmadapuram to Indore, which means there will be no need to come to the cities. This will reduce the distance of 25 km from the present Ring Road, and will save people’s money and time.

Before the general elections, the new ring road was approved by the Madhya Pradesh government in the cabinet. After the formation of the new government, its construction will start in the new year. This project will be completed in about two years. The new ring road will be built in the western part of the capital. Shivraj cabinet has approved this bypass road before the implementation of the election code of conduct. This will give wings to the 15 year old hopes of the city residents. Mukesh Avadhani, resident of Narmadapuram Road, said that if one has to go directly to Indore via Bhopal, then the proposed new ring road will be convenient. Now one has to go towards Indore via old Bhopal. This is causing wastage of money, diesel and time.

Bhopal’s second major ring road-The new bypass will be Bhopal’s second major ring road. Apart from 1 railway bridge, 2 flyovers and 15 underpasses, a six-lane ROB and two big junctions will be built. About 600 acres of land will be required for the ring road. This will include more than 75 acres of forest land. More than 525 acres of land belongs to private people. A total of 85 villages including Kolar, Neelbad-Ratibad, Mandideep and Sehore districts will benefit from the new ring road.

Maximum area from Huzoor Vidhan Sabha included

The proposed new bypass starting from Mandideep has the highest percentage of 85%. This part includes Huzur Rural and the areas connected to Kolar, Neelbad, Ratibad, Khajuri, Phanda, Narmadapuram and Raisen Road. There is already a road from Bairagarh to Indore Road along with the existing Sehore Road for Kolar and Huzur. A new six-lane ROB will also be built on the railway line to extend Narmadapuram Road towards Kolar.

These will be the advantages

–       The new ring road will start just before Mandideep, crossing Golgaon, Kajlikheda Kolar suburb, Ratibar, Khajuri Road and then join Indore Road at the center point of Phanda. It will be constructed by PWD. It will cost approximately Rs 2981 crore to build the 41 km long bypass, which will be completed in two to three years.

–       The biggest benefit from the construction of new bypasses will be to the vehicles coming from Jabalpur, Narmadapuram and Mandideep, that will not have to enter Bhopal. They will turn before Bhopal. You will get relief from getting stuck in traffic jams in the city.

–       The Madhya Pradesh government has approved the budget for the construction of a 41 km long road. Money will also be spent on land acquisition, environmental friendliness, utility shifting etc., hence the estimated cost has been estimated at Rs 2981 crore. One bridge, two flyovers and 15 underpasses will be built on this ring road.

–       At present, people of Narmadapuram, Betul, Nagpur, Itarsi have to go through an 11 miles bypass of Old City, Lalghati, Sant Nagar, Sehore to go to Indore. The distance from this is approximately 225 km. With the new bypass this distance will be reduced by about 50 km.

Madhya Pradesh government has given approval to build the proposed ring road from Phanda to Indore via Kolar from Mandideep. Its construction will start soon in the new year. Thousands of people of Huzoor Vidhansabha will directly benefit from this.
– Rameshwar Sharma, MLA,
– Huzoor Assembly, Bhopal

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