New technique created to cure ‘mouth-opening disease’

  • Dr Anshul of AIIMS has developed this technique
  • Gets copyright from Govt. of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industries
  • Consumption of tobacco restricted mouth opening


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

Due to the Oral Submucous Fibrosis disease, the mouth of a patient opens less and he/she is only able to take liquid diet. Patients cannot even clean their teeth. Due to not having proper diet, they feel fatigue, which makes their immunity weak.

During this, cancer disease can also develop in approximately 10 percent of the patients. The only cure left is surgery, and even that is not very effective.

To get rid of this problem, Dr Anshul Rai of AIIMS has developed a new technique for the treatment of this disease.

In this new technique, the internal hard skin of the cheek has been removed and a combination of buccal fat pads was used in patients. The results of which were quite good. Dr. Anshul Rai, Additional Professor, Department of Dentistry, AIIMS, has been given copyright by the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, as Intellectual Property India, for the technology developed through his research.

Free for Ayushman card holders – Dr. Anshul Rai said that after treatment with this new technology, the patients’ mouth will be able to open up to four or four fingers. This facility will be provided free of cost to Ayushman card holders in the dentistry department of AIIMS. For the last 10 years, he is studying and treating patients who eat tobacco and betel nut. During this, 3 research papers have also been published. A modified instrument has been made to be used in the treatment of the disease.


Symptoms of disease

– Closed or reduced mouth opening
– Feeling of mouth burning
– Frequent mouth sores
–  Not being able to chew food properly


Third copyright to Dr Rai

AIIMS director Dr Ajay Singh and other faculty members have congratulated Dr Anshul Rai for this achievement. This is the third copyright given to Dr Anshul Rai by Government of India. The positive atmosphere which is made in AIIMS in the last years is because of the encouragement given by director for the research and this is the result of that. In future also you will see more copyrights.

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