New labs to provide soil testing facilities to farmers

  • Cabinet Decisions: To be made available to entrepreneurs, institutions

Bhopal, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav chaired the meeting of the Council of Ministers held in Mantralaya on Tuesday. To provide soil testing facilities to the farmers at the development block level, the Council of Ministers has approved making buildings of new soil testing laboratories and laboratory equipment available to young entrepreneurs/institutions by the Department of Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Development. Through this, soil health cards will be made available to farmers by testing their soil samples through young entrepreneurs/institutions.

The Council of Ministers decided to amend the policy of tree plantation using the CSR/CIR funds through Joint/Community Forest Management Committees published in the Gazette dated 10 December 2021.

Scholarships to bona fide students studying in Sainik Schools

The Council of Ministers has decided to give scholarships to the bona fide students of Madhya Pradesh studying in Sainik Schools of other states. It may be noted that Sainik School is a specialized education-oriented establishment. The provision of scholarships for the bona fide students of the state will increase the enthusiasm among the youth of the state for admission to Sainik Schools being run in other states.

The Council of Ministers decided to amend the Madhya Pradesh Work (Allocation) Rules to hand over the work related to railway projects from the ‘Transport Department’ to ‘Public Works Department’. The work of coordination with the Railway Department for the proposal of new railway lines and their construction and construction works will now be done by the Public Works Department.

As per the proposal of the Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission, the Council of Ministers approved the Madhya Pradesh Municipality (Amendment) Bill 2024 concerning amendments in sections 20 and 45 of the Madhya Pradesh Municipality Act, 1961 in consultation with the Law and Legislative Affairs Department.

The Council of Ministers has decided to introduce and pass the Madhya Pradesh Correctional Services and Prison Bill, 2024 in the Assembly. Also, the jail department has been authorized to take all the action.

Land will be allotted to SAI

The Cabinet decided to allot about one acre of land (in addition to the already allotted land) in village Gaura Tehsil Huzur, Bhopal to Sports Authority of India, Bhopal for conducting sports activities.

The General Administration Department has been authorized by the Council of Ministers to take action to repeal Section 9-A of the Madhya Pradesh Ministers (Salary and Allowances) Act 1972.

Out of the financial assistance given to the families of brave martyrs, the Council of Ministers has now decided that 50 percent amount be given to the martyr’s wife and 50 percent amount to the martyr’s parents.

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