Nath-Patwari will camp to save Amarwara seat

  • Assembly by-election: 40 star campaigners from state will come
  • Congress is busy saving seat by making strategy

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Taking a lesson from the crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, Congress is putting all its strength in the by-election to be held in Amarwara assembly seat. In the assembly by-election, Jeetu Patwari and Kamal Nath will show their strength in favor of Congress candidate Dhiren Shah. Actually, this seat has become a matter of prestige for Congress and BJP. Both the parties are putting all their strength. But Congress has started efforts to win this seat by making strategies. Congress sources said that state Congress president Jeetu Patwari will address public meetings and public relations in favor of the Congress candidate in the assembly elections being held in Amarwara till June 28. After this, Kamal Nath will take charge from July 2. Congress does not want to lose this seat under any circumstances. Therefore, it is sending 40 star campaigners from all over the state to achieve victory. Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee President Jitu Patwari said that he will address public relations and public meetings in favour of Congress candidate Dhiren Shah in Amarwara Assembly by-election till June 28. Since Kamal Nath was absent in the nomination rally of the Congress candidate, various speculations were being made about Kamal Nath. Therefore, Kamal Nath has geared up to ensure victory for Congress in Amarwara. Kamal Nath will take charge of Amarwara by-election from July 2, while Nakul Nath will also be seen campaigning in the election field.

Gondwana Republic Party is trying to spoil the game: According to sources, BJP has fielded Kamlesh Shah, who has been an MLA from Congress, from here, while Congress has given ticket to Dhiren Shah. To spoil the game of BJP and Congress, Gondwana Republic Party has made Devraven Bhalavi its candidate.

This has now made the contest triangular. Election experts are not giving a one-sided victory to any party.

Patwari will stay for three days, held meetings

State Congress Vice President Organization In-charge Rajiv Singh said that Patwari addressed the booth in-charges, coordinators, regional presidents, front organizations, cell presidents, BLA and all officials and Congress workers conference of Harrai, Batka, Amarwara, Singodi, Chhindi and Dhanaura blocks in Amarwara on Wednesday. He will stay for three days.

In the evening, he held a meeting with the in-charge supervisor. Patwari will do public relations in two dozen villages of the assembly on 27th and 28th.

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