MP’s tech enthusiasts find success with Masai School’s PAP Model

Bhopal, Masai School, a platform that builds a bridge connecting skills with opportunities, has succeeded in accomplishing the dreams of more than 4000 students across India. It has trained more than 100 batches and scaled up over the years with 6,000 current enrollments. Completing five years this month, the organization has ensured to fulfil its sole goal of unlocking the human potential of India by making the education system outcome-driven.

Vaibhav’s journey is one of resilience. Growing up in Ghatiya near Ujjain, his early life was full of challenges, shaping his determined character. Despite facing challenges early on, he nurtured a passion for computer science. He balanced work and studies, earning a polytechnic diploma while working as a math teacher and driver.

Aman, from Gohad, shares a similar story. Aman’s natural talent for math was nurtured by his father, who worked at IFFCO and valued math. Despite academic struggles and personal losses, including the death of his parents during the COVID-19 pandemic, Aman’s passion for coding remained strong. Financial constraints led him to pursue a BCA degree, but the theoretical nature left him unfulfilled. Masai’s practical, job-oriented approach proved to be the turning point.

Finally, hailing from Bhopal, Anshumaan’s story highlights the transformative power of education. After his father’s passing, his family faced financial hardship. Masai offered him an escape from low-paying call center jobs. Anshumaan excelled at Masai, working as an SDE-1.

In addition to intense training and effective guidance, Masai School has more than 4000 hiring partners ensuring that their students seamlessly transition into their desired careers. This extensive network of hiring partners, enhances the employability of its graduates, positioning them competitively in the job market upon completion of their training programs.

While speaking about Masai School, Prateek Shukla, CEO and Co-founder of Masai School, said, “We are not just investing in our students’ future but are trying to reshape the ecosystem of education, pioneering skill-based education and training.”

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